Rice Farming


A friend told me it’s very expensive to start a rice farm considering the facilities that need to be put in place first.

I want to know, which is better to venture into; is it the

Planting of rice?


Packaging and storage facilities?


Investing in machineries to clean up rice?

Which is more profitable for a beginner?

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  1. I am a farmer and I have developed some veraety of paddy which produces germinated brown rice.
    This is new innovated rice in our locality results of regenerative agriculture practice.
    This rice will protect somaney disease of human beings.


    The packaging and storage will be a best option for me.

    This is because, in Nigeria currently, many people are beginning to embrace the local rice but the major challenge is getting a clean, stone free rice like the imported one.

    It’s a fact that local rice is way better in nutritional value compared to imported rice.


    If you would want to invest, I would advice, you look into packaging and storage, if this facility is in place,  farmers will be at ease more to produce more rice crops.


    Packaging and storage

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