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What could be the problem with my fishes, their stomach is bloated and they are dying?

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    Hello Oscar!

    One thing to note is that, bloating is not a disease but a symptom.

    Several conditions could be responsible for the cause of bloating like bacteria.

    The first step in treatment, is to quarantine the sick fish to prevent it from spreading.

    Then, if your other fish are infected or they’re the only fish in the tank, take the following steps as “first treatment”:

    Do a water change:

    Unless you just did a significant water change (today), your first step should be to do a 50% water change. Make sure to add de-chlorinator and a little bit of Industrial salt or Table salt (1 tablespoon for every five gallons.) If you usually use salt.

    Check out for critters ( organisms or creatures ) that might have crept into your pond and are harassing sick fish.

    Stop feeding your fish:

    This may sound a bit contradicting, but feeding them will be like forcing a fed child to eat overfeeding.
    Not feeding the fish for sometime, will do you a lot of good so that the fish can excrete anything disturbing them. Timing may vary though…may be up to 2 – 3 days.



    I hope this helps you.


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    Ok, good morning sir. Like the first person said, lots of things could be responsible but I will mention one which is lack of oxygen as a result of contaminated water.

    So  isolate the sick ones as well wash your tank, in all these make sure you stop feeding until you’re done with the processes

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