Snail Farming.

  • What do you think about Snail 🐌 Business? I would like to start a 🐌 farm.What do I need to consider and put in place to start one and is there a lot profit in snail business?
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    Snail farming is profitable, yes it is, what you need to consider before venturing in for know-how who is already in the business to guide you on it.

    Let me explain drop notes that would interest you


    Snail farming: This is the cheapest Livestock farming in Nigeria, reason because it is less expensive to manage in terms of feeding, snail feed is everywhere within the environment which can be easily source for at ease.

    Snail meat is very expensive in the market and happens to be the most proteinous meat ever for everyone irrespective of age.

    Why snail farming ?: The ideal of snail farming is very necessary because extinction is real, we can’t depend on the forest snail all time, and someday extinction could occur, the bush hunt across Nigeria is on the increase,
    and this could lead to extinction if reproduction is not maintain.

    Snail farming is an interesting farming which is fast evolving in Nigeria and other West Africa countries, many people have choose to create jobs for themselves through snail farming.

    The snail shell: The snail shell is a calcium source for livestock feed and it is very rich to ensure well-being of livestock animals

    The slime: snail slime is a liquid substance inside a snaii, this substance is an indispensable liquid raw material in the beauty and cosmetic industry, also the pharmaceutical industry makes use of the slime for drugs, soap and body cream production.

    The snail meat: Snail meat is very rich in protein, medically recommended for pregnant women ,some persons with ailments are also do advice to consume snail meat for recuperation, the meat has no effect, for the young and the old.


    I am snail farmer in Nigeria, you can search for me on Facebook:  “Alokpa Ebi Wisdom”, to see more of my works on Snail farming.


    Thanks for your time!

  1. Snail farming is an excellent venture to get into.It is low cost and can almost be farmed anywhere even in  residential premises like using one’s backyard .This means you can start with as  little capital and resources as  possible .One can make up to 300% of his or  her investment per farming cycle .
    You need to decide which species to farm. If you want to keep more than one species , bear in mind that you will  have separate them.
    Snail species such as Archatina achatina are the best for warm climate regions like Africa. They lay more eggs and very affordable even though they may be smaller. Other species that can be farmed are Archatina marginata,
    Archatina fulica .
    While unlike other types of livestock farming such as  such as poultry  and aquaculture where feed is the most expensive input, here feeding isn’t that expensive but labour cost is high. In terms of cost and time, snail farming is a low-risk business.
    As  vegetarians, snails  can be fed with wide varieties  such as  cabbage, cucumber, mango, banana, eggplant, pear, tomato and paw-paw, cassava, okra leaves or lettuce ,pineapple etc
    Snails also need carbohydrate for  energy, protein for growth and development, and then vitamins and minerals in small quantity to  aid metabolism plus  enhance growth.
    The best time to start up  snail farming is the rainy season ( from July to October) as  this is the time that  snails normally start  breeding. As hermaphrodites, snails can fertilize each other as soon as they mature . In order for egg laying to be smooth, you should use high-quality soil with the right temperature and humidity.
    Prices of snails go up during the scarcity usually experienced between December and March, which is the dry season.
    Expenses to consider  are  housing, purchasing  quality  snails, feeding, handling/processing the snails, marketing, branding(if needed) and transportation.
    Hope this helps.

    Wow🤔 this is really enlightening.
    Thank you so much @Mr Emmanuel and Mr Wisdom.

    I’ve checked out your Facebook sir.

    But sir,

    Is it possible to start with 10k for as a fresh graduate?


    What kind of snail species would you suggest?


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