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Fish Farming

What do I need to know before starting a Fish Farm? 

What things do I need to consider?

About Joy Opuro

I am a multipotentialite, a Joy of Many Generations. The founder of FOOD FOR MEDICINE and, the author of THE SCIENCE OF NATURAL MEDICINE; Food for Medicine is a platform where you learn how to use everyday food ingredients as Medicine for your overall wellbeing. I love to grow food organically in season and out of season which is why I love Aquaponics System and Hydroponics ( Soiless system of Farming). Aside Farming, I teach. I am a trained English and Literature Teacher. Then, I love to sing, act, play ?drums dance the ballet, salsa and hiphop? Also, I'm a lover of learning, I like to try new innovations as well as meet and connect with new people. It's a pleasure meeting you! Shalom!

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Comments ( 4 )

  1. Jay Emmanuel

    Fish Business has a lot of potentials but you need to acquire some knowledge in the field. Hire persons that know things that you do not, make sure you have a well-rounded team. There are certain things to consider. a) Type of fish- This is one of the basic things to consider. Different species require a different environment to thrive. Furthermore, certain species are more profitable than others. For example, prawn generates a higher ROI but they are sophisticated. On the other hand, even though Koi generates lesser profit than prawn, it is very easy to raise them. b) Type of Pond- The primary requirement of fish farming is a pond. Fish farming can be carried out in permanent or on seasonal ponds. Ensure that the pond is solely used for farming. It should not be used for bathing or laundry. c) Management- This is one of the most important aspects of aquaculture. You need to create the optimum condition for the breed to thrive. You need to maintain optimum PH level, alkalinity, dissolved oxygen, minimum ammonia level and conduct a regular check to isolate disease-causing species. d) Quality of Fish Seed- Superior quality of fish seed should be used for culture. The fish seed should be disease free and free from any other body deformity. e) Stocking- Fish farmers should take extreme care about the stocking density as it effects the growth and survival rate. The stocking should be done keeping in mind the pond capacity and species. f) Select Proper Feed- This is one of the most common mistakes fish farmers tend to do. Never compromise on the quality of feed. Most of the times, the quality of the feed determines the profitability. Provide your fish with the best quality feed like feeds from Anmol Feeds to keep them healthy and strong. Fish Farming is an extremely profitable business.

  2. Chibuike Emmanuel
    Chibuike Emmanuel
    March 14, 2021 at 4:22 pm

    Thanks for the amazing question Joy! Awesome feedback Jay. Thanks for helping out.

  3. To start a fish farm, you must consider some environmental factors

    1. Land topography

    2. Soil texture

    3. Source of water, 4. Security, 5. Nearness to market, 6. Technical know how etc




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