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  1. First you may have bought runts which may not have remedy because they will not grow to cpver your costs no matter how you try. Ensure that they feed properly with meals laden with enough proteins and vitamins in their formative stages otherwise if they get stunted , no matter how much feed they will never grow. Where the fishes shooters when you bought them from the hatchery It could be the size of the pond and how many fishes What’s the feed quality What feed quantity that they are feed per How often you change their water ( you don’t want to change too often but yet appropriately regularly – every two to three days ) What kind of fish did you stock —-for instance clarias grow better than hybrid

  2. Queeneth Sopuruchi
    • It could be as a result of the kind of feed you give to them, the way you feed them, the specie of fish you have. So check out for these things
  3. You have to check out for the type of feed… The nutrient level of the feed, they way you feed them and the specie of fish you have

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