How do you think I can scale my grinding business. I have machines but cant access the quantity of cassava I need to scale.

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    Hello Morahyaw foods.

    I wouldn’t know the level you’re at now but my suggestion will be, before you start a business, you should have done a market survey to know how many people grow and harvest cassava in your locality.

    How many of them need your grinding machine?

    How many can afford it?

    What time do they plant and harvest?

    Are there nearby villages or towns that also need your machines?

    Get their contacts and their opinions about having a grounding machine. Are they happy to have these tools available for them?

    If these are sorted out, then you should know that, if I set up the grinding business, I should be expecting for example:
    50 people from Community A
    And 100 people from community B and so on.

    So when you start, if they are not coming as you except, you can now go back and tell them, you have started the grinding business for people, they should come grind.

    Then, you can also, begin to seek other communities and areas that you know need your services and if you are doing well, you can visit referrals and also make money from leasing out your machinery.

    This is not too late to put to work even if you’ve started already.

    I hope this helps you.
    Do let us know if you need other help.

    Thank you for reaching out to us.

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