How can I start goat farming, with little income. And how can i get funds to builts this kind of Agricultural systems in the East.

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    To start a goat business, you need to first define your area of interest.

    *What do you want to do with the goats?
    To sell?
    For what purpose?
    To whom?

    *What breed of goat suites this purpose? We have African dwarf or Boer that is suitable for starters. Get more knowledge on your breed type.

    Then, look at the area around the East where you want to start this business, is the place viable?

    Do people or businesses around there want your goat?
    Are they able and ready to pay for it?

    How do they want it? As milk, meat, skin or pets?

    Is it in agreement with your interest?
    If not, you have to change your mind and go with the market available.

    Remember, You don’t sell what you like, you sell what people are hungrily ready to pay for.

    When this has been settled,
    You then decide,
    * How much is this particular breed sold for? How many of these goats can I afford to start with?

    Where will I keep them, you should have an isolated area with fences?
    *Feeding type: Water and Food selection.
    How much does it cost?
    All this should be what you should find out before starting

    When you’re able to start, as a beginner, you should spend more time observing and learning goat behavior and lifestyle.

    Then, be able to understand the Breeding and maturity stages involved.

    Also note that, there are tons of investors out there that can support you with funds but not all investors are willing to invest in what they are not sure about. You must be able to prove your business working first before you can ask anyone to invest. On the other, you can get funds from friends and families who are ready to support you instarting a business.

    I hope this helps you.

    Do well to get in touch if you have any challenge along the line.

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